The Founder's Blueprint

Learn how I gained over 85 million views on my LinkedIn content and generated over $450,000 in revenue organically

  • Innovation

    You're not sure how to communicate your ideas in a way that is new or valuable to an audience.

  • Inspiration

    You have no clue what to talk about or where to draw ideas from that will help you create content.

  • Interest

    You don't know how to turn the engagement into interest and revenue for your business.

This where I started

Two years ago, I had low engagement, no audience and no clue around how to get my ideas across. Most importantly, I did know how to generate leads.

This is how far my content goes now

This single post was viewed over 13 million times, added over 10,000 followers to my audience in one week and tens of thousands of dollars to our business pipeline.

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  • Free Marketing

    It costs about $33 per 1,000 views to find your audience using LinkedIn Ads. My content acts as free marketing

  • Endless Leads

    Thousands of people have voluntarily signed up for my free resources with their emails and phone numbers

  • Consistent Revenue

    My content attracts the people in my audience that are looking for what I offer and are willing to invest in it

  • Featured in Business Insider

  • Over 100,000 New Followers in 9 months

  • $450,000+ in Revenue

Hi, I'm Tobi!

I began creating content on LinkedIn consistently to generate traffic for my business 3Skills. This skill has now helped secure multiple paid speaking gigs as well as generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for my businesses. Now I help founders and executives drive revenue by building an engaged audience on LinkedIn through organic content.

Work With Me

The Program


We will work together to develop an ideal customer profile and build a complete funnel that converts the high quality traffic from your content to consistent revenue for your business.


We will work together to develop content that is authentic to you and experiment with different pieces to find what works. I will also give you access to proven templates and posting styles.


After our first hour of strategy we will meet bi-weekly to revise your upcoming content and review the results of previous weeks. The goal is to find patterns and use data to grow.

  • Gather Credibility

    Your consistency will build your credibility and make you a thought leader. This will lead your audience to trust you and your offerings.

  • Grow Your Audience

    There are so many revenue streams that become possible once you have an audience of your own and you understand exactly what they want.

  • Generate Revenue

    By speaking directly to the needs and wants of your audience and then creating a solution, you will be able to turn your fans into paying customers.

Victory saw results in 1 week

Tobi is the GOAT of using LinkedIn to build a community and generate revenue!! As someone who has been primarily selling on Instagram, LinkedIn seemed like a black hole. I had no idea how to convert my content to LinkedIn without being icky and salesy. Working with Tobi was the best decision I ever made. He even went as far as helping me re-write some of my content so I was speaking to my audience in a way that will get them interested in my services. After following his framework and process, I posted consistently for a week and ended up signing a 4-figure client. I promise you, no one knows the platform like Tobi and if you’re considering working with him, DO IT


    3 Month Commitment

    1 Hour Strategy Call

    6 Bi-Weekly Revision Calls

    Access to Blueprint Templates

    Access to my Top 100 LinkedIn Posts

    Email Support


    $5,000 Upfront | $2,000 Monthly 
  • GROW

    6 Month Commitment

    1 Hour Strategy Call Quarterly

    12 Bi-Weekly Revision Calls

    Access to Blueprint Templates

    Access to my Top 100 LinkedIn Posts

    10 posts written FOR YOU

    Weekly content ideas

    Email & Text Support

    $10,000 Upfront | $2,000 Monthly 

    12 Month Commitment

    1 Hour Strategy Call Quarterly

    24 Bi-Weekly Revision Calls

    Access to Blueprint Templates

    Access to my Top 100 LinkedIn Posts

    20 posts written FOR YOU

    Weekly content ideas

    Email, text & phone support

    $20,000 Upfront | $2,000 Monthly 

Still not sure if this is the right fit?

Frequently Asked

Is this service right for me?

If you are a founder or business owner stuggling to generate traffic, leads or revenue for your business from LinkedIn, this service is for you.

If you are an employee and are looking to use LinkedIn to accelerate your career, this is not for you. Please see Project Pivot

Is LinkedIn the right channel for my business?

Yes! LinkedIn still has incredible organic reach that can only be rivaled by TikTok. Your customers are likely using it to make buying decisions - not just look for jobs.

How many hours a week will I need to commit to this?

1-2 hours a week will be more than enough. I created this program for easy execution because I'm sure you are busy as a founder.

What kind of businesses are the best fit for this program?

Great fits - B2B, B2C, SaaS, Coaching, Service-based, professional services, public speaking, online courses.

Not great fits - DTC (e.g. Apparel), Amazon, Entertainmentl.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

You can expect to see results in 90 days or less if you fully commit to the program and follow through on that commitment.

What if this doesn't work?

It will if you stay consistent. If you do not see any results in 180 days of following the plan, I will spend 2 hours with you for free creating a brand new strategy to execute on.

What if I want to stop halfway through the program?

Honestly, I won't let you. We will have to find a way to keep you consistent so that you don't lose your momentum.

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